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Why choose Wahine Ki over other brands on the market

Since 2018, there has a been a shift in the amount people buying kratom. The last couple of years has seen an exponential increase in kratom users. Information and education about this amazing plant has finally gotten traction and Americans are looking for a natural alternative to their issues. 

But with these increases, so does the competition to start kratom companies and consumers find it difficult deciding which ones are the best and offer quality products.

Other companies have popped up everywhere, buying kratom from any vendor that may offer them a good deal without fully vetting them first. Kratom sits in warehouses for long periods, color fades, freshness and quality deteriorate over time. This greatly concerns us as the consumer is receiving inferior products.

Wahine Ki started in 2014. We looked tirelessly to find a farmer we can trust and provide consistent and fresh powder. We correspond daily with our farmer to ensure quality, safety protocols, packaging, and shipping are to the highest standards. We also double lab test our batches to make sure our powder is a safe food product. 

Consumers also don't understand the FDA's push to the bankers, credit card processors, and international shippers to undermine the importation and sale of kratom to the public. Banks have put kratom on "no processing" lists making it nearly impossible for online kratom vendors to take any form of credit online forcing companies to use alternative methods of payments. 

Wahine Ki uses an invoice system for payment. All the customer needs to do is add their items to the cart, enter address info, and Wahine Ki automatically sends an invoice to your email which is payable by credit card. We then send tracking and ship immediately after payment. We pride ourselves in getting our amazing products to you as soon as possible. We also provide some simple recipes on the website so you can make kratom tea and kava right from home. 

Wahine Ki wants to be your dedicated vendor for safe and reliable kratom products. So
check us out and try it today!


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