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Wahine Ki

Newbie Starter Pack

Newbie Starter Pack

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If you are a kratom “newbie”, this is the place to be. The Newbie Kratom Starter Pack provides 3 different strains of kratom for you to try: 1 Slow, 1 Moderate, and 1 Fast. Each 1-oz kratom sample comes in a sealed bag, providing you with a total of at least 84 grams of assorted kratom powder.

What are Fast, Slow, & Moderate Speeds?

Kratom effects are often described by their "Speeds" as a shorthand for the different effects they are rumored to produce. Fast strains are often associated with energy and motivation, Moderate strains with mental focus and mood enhancement, and Slow strains with relaxation and relief from physical discomfort.

This categorization helps newbies better understand the effects associated with a given kratom strain, regardless of the leaf's vein-color or region of origin.

Whichever assortment you receive will offer you the chance to experience a wide range of kratom effects. They are all good.


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